Friday, November 21, 2008

In the sky

Argh, I feel as though I am 5 months 8 months pregnant *rubs tummy* I have not dined out in a very long now so tonight was rather an exception - celebrated Sam’s 21st. I'd like to think my fashion sense for cakes aren't as bad as my clothes. tsk.tsk.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect timing as it was indeed a reward to dress up to the occasion *grins* and to realize the utmost importance to stop being such a pig and a bum and start shaping up for you hear me Gloria?! Depressing. (Warning- Hazardous: Extreme vanity out of its closet).

told ya! ha ha and enjoy a fine meal *mmm* Food again yes. of which I started with this...

followed by this...( poor Rabbit)

oh then this! (Beef Dish)

and then this..(Bouillabaisse) A new word I learned today of which I had to be taught to pronounce it the right way by my French waiter after I told him, " Erm, can I please have the seafood one thanks. *smile (very important!) and pointed to Bouillabaisse on the menu *" But I think it was pretty obvious I am hopeless at such bombastic words! Rule of thumb: Pick the food with the most complicated name.

This is why we do Uni - to be able to read menus especially during the 10 minutes reading time before placing your order- stressful indeed

I think that's all I had- not! i forgot this! which reminds me of the need to master to art of prettifying food for obvious reasons - if you can't cook well like me, might as well learn to make the food look pretty. ha ha.

Enjoyed the company of dear friends

From left: Samantha, Sam's *ahem*, Paulina (Russian!) and yours truly

In the middle: Sam's sister ( Elizabeth)

The best part was being a surprise guest! I have not seen Samantha in ages even though we attended the same Uni and live in the same city except on opposite ends. It was lovely to see her again together with the company of others.

We were at one of Perth’s most spectacular restaurant – C restaurant in the sky being the only revolving restaurant in Western Australia which is located on the 33rd level of St Martin’s Tower right in the middle of the city center. Its location catered for an amazing view especially during sunset.

At night, the city lights looked stunning from up above.

I came to realization today that I lacked the art of photography and hence, failed to capture the breathtaking magical experience at the C tonight. I am utterly disappointed.

Rewinding back to the morning, I woke up to a call to come into work to relieve a colleague who was unwell, stayed a little longer to relieve another who had to rush off for personal matters and was released from work late because my supervisor had forgotten about me.

The irony was that my initial plan today was to have a relaxing day off from work, sit down to a good book, and go for a nice long walk by the river, take all the time in the world to look nice for dinner and make it to dinner on time but no- everything didn’t turn out as planned. No I am not complaining :P

Well, these things happen- the focus was not to disrupt the peace and learning to adapt accordingly. So by the grace of God I did not stir up a storm on myself today even though it didn’t go according to plan *makes funny faces*

Nevertheless, all has been well, thankfully *in a thankful posture - palm facing upwards head towards the heavens*LOL.Looking forward to a better tomorrow!

Blessed birthday Sam and my dear friend all the way in NZ- Roger! Goodnight!