Wednesday, November 5, 2008

High Five, Mr President!

As the warrior princess continues in preparation for exam battle, she have not much of a choice but to camp home engaging in superior training and encapsulating a successful strategy until the time comes. The weather outside her camp has not been very gracious.

She feels so confined within the four walls of her camp to the extend of feeling imprisoned at times *sigh*

Things are not as bad as it seems. She gives thanks for the better ration which allows her to take a break from the grass in the hills with better supplies the Army now has although the earlier may have looked more appetizing...
and savor a change for a soldier must not go hungry or she might abandon her military responsibilities...She reassures herself every now and then, this will soon be over. She must keep focus and not abandon her mission for this last battle must end in grandeur.She is aware that it takes discipline to emerge victorious but there are times when she can't help but feel defeatedShe looks forward to the day when she does not have to wake up to this.
She knows she can only do so much but her ultimate best she must give -surrendering the rest into His loving hands and putting her hope and trust in Him who is sovereign.

High-five to the first African-American president in the history of United States -Barack Obama!


Rajesh said...

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gloworm said...

Thanks Rajesh! :)