Thursday, November 20, 2008

Strangely Funny

For some funny reason I actually had to try so hard to sleep yesterday night and boy, it was frustrating! I must have either been too excited or too worried.

Funny how, even when you did not get enough sleep you can still feel like this in the morning.

Funny how post exams excitement have not kicked in but I'm sure it will sooner or later.

Funny how I was not feeling the like to do the victory jump and shouts of "hooray!" I know why. I always end up looking like this instead

Funny how at my age I still like to play with my food. Maybe *pause to think* my joy is expressed in a very different way such as this- weird. Unique.

Funny how sausages cost so much just because they are "Spanish" but they are filling indeed. Don't underestimate - I did.

Funny how I still attempt to bake when it does not turn out pretty. Every. Time. Needing to inherit my mum's special gift but far from it!

Funny how I always blog about food ( Mum pointed it out).

Funny how the least significant things motivate you.

Now it’s time to pray for a good job and thank God for His sustaining grace. Do you smile when you pray? *ahem*

Smile friends.

Funny how this is not funny. at.all.


edrea said...

hehe.. funny..cute =) *smile*

gloworm said...

Edrea chua?! Aww what a lovel surprise! Thanks babe!

edrea said...

yuppies.. its me! its me! hehe.. =)=)ur blog posts are interesting haha.. =)=)