Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sweet and sour

Aaaah. Tomorrow will be a significant day although every other day is a gift in one way or another. I will have a few thing less to anticipate from noon tomorrow until I decide to do uni again sometime in the near future such as:

  • driving to classes
  • finding for parking spots during peak hours
  • looking for the secondhand textbooks every new semester
  • buying bags big and strong enough to fit the books yet reasonably stylish
  • keeping a stock of stationeries
  • waking up early enough to pack lunch, dinner and snacks for a long day at uni
  • turning my car into a moving bookshelf and my own lil cafe
  • stressing over assignments and exams.

On the other hand, I will miss having the many breaks throughout the year especially the long summer break and reasonably long winter break. I will also miss the privilege of student concession for my travels and movie tickets.

If tomorrows paper goes well and I pray it would, I would then be able to sigh with relief. Also I could do the victory jump. Been practicing- jump then yay! or yay! then jump?! or should i yay twice then jump?

Moving on to happier things, my dear sister arrived home yesterday after her adventurous year far far away from home and its comfort. She braved it so well and have turned into a beautiful fine young lady ready to make her mark in this world. Amazing how we change little by little everyday, growing in grace as our life experiences mold us and shape us to be the person God has destined for us to be. She's back to enjoy all the good food and pampering from her loved ones as well as to polish up on her already existing gift of shopping.

I miss home too.

I on the other hand am still looking forward to the day I can board a plane and return home. In the mean time dinners will still either be on my own or with the company of my gracious flatmate on rare occasions as she is a hard worker so she is usually home from work after dinner.

I made dinner for two today. My stress reliever. The last supper before I have to say goodbye to Uni tomorrow.

Till next time :)