Sunday, November 9, 2008


COURAGE is resistance to fear not absence of fear ~ Mark Twain
COURAGE is being afraid but still moving forward ~ZPH

The time has come! This is where I shall be tomorrow! Smacked right in the middle of the battlefield. Armed forces shall seek to defeat Marketing and Finance Portfolio tomorrow! HA-OOH! Taught never to retrieve! First you fight with your head, then you fight with your heart with God on your side and by His strength! HA-OOH!

I pray and I pray I shall be back with my shield and not on it! HA-OOH!

By the grace of God I shall survive the harshness of exam and return home with praise report! HA-OOH!

Looking forward to victory yes! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
Prior to the battle: 1. PRAY2.Good night's rest
3. Morning walk for endorphins effect that magically relieves tension and irons out stress

4. Brain food : Dark Chocolate, Eggs and banana
5. Strepsils for sore throat relieve due to all the HA-OOH-ing

We do our utmost best and leave the rest into His loving hands! HA-OOH!".. but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles" - Isaiah 40:31

Signing off,

Commander in Chief * HAR? OOH!*


Sam said...

4. Brain food : Dark Chocolate, Eggs and banana
cool stuff! I love dark choc as well, except i take it not only when I'm stressed. Banana are my fav

Try Ice-cream!

gloworm said...

ooo ice cream! good stuff! when i think of ice cream i think of my sister coz she LOVES ice cream! I have to eat skinny cow ice cream here whenever i need an ice cream treat! LOL! i was told a piece of rich dark choc a day is good for health!

Sam said...

This is Sparta! *KICK* Haaaa-OOH..
Yeah that is true i think. Glo glo.. lean ice cream eih?
What is your fav brand of ice-cream?

gloworm said...

Hmm fav? can they all be my fav?! haha!