Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mischief Night

Coincidentally, I was part of a presentation for Cell Leaders' Appreciation yesterday night which required for us to dress our parts and it also happened to be Halloween day. I had my first experience hiring costumes but although it was not intended for Halloween, it gave me a feel of the excitement of such celebrations which are more common in Western countries. The visit to the costume shop was much fun as they had a diversity of apparels for almost every theme you can think of!

Initially, I was to dress as a red Indian character - Pocahontas. So I managed to put together a red Indian vest and a simple head piece as the one and only Pocahontas dress they had for hire was unfortunately a little too skimpy for Church - _ -
But at the last moment, there was a slight change in plans and hence, instead of Pocahontas I ended up role playing the Red Indian Chief and attempted to look like Red Cloud a war leader of Sioux in 1886 except....BETTER of course! ha ha simply because I was not as grumpy as he looked! I was the all -smiles Chief for the night :) In my days, being Chief meant having a personal chef, a policewoman and the Dark Knight to my aid.
One would assume dressing up in quite extraordinary costumes could cause a person to be such a poser by the end of the day. Not satisfied just being Red Indian I had to have some vain shots in bits and pieces of my friends costumes if not the night will not be complete! ha ha! Having had so much greens of late I thought it would be a good idea to borrow Cowboys hat so I can be COW-girl for one brief moment!

Future Plans: Might consider joining the police cadet so I can saman you! and win policewoman of the year he he!Always wondered what it would be like to be the cool engineer visiting sites! Hmm clearly I was amazed at the progress of the construction under my supervision. Good job people!

Batman (to the Joker) : "You wanted me. Here I am". During the nights, I am the Dark Knight, believe it or not.

Without a doubt, it was rather eventful and certainly entertaining although it was a night I discovered how vertically challenged I am a.k.a. short *sigh* Can't quite do much about that but I might still be able to do something about being horizontally challenged.



[klair] said...

hey sweetie, looking gorgeous as ever!! glor, the funny side of u never dies la =D

gloworm said...

awww you're still the sweetest cousie ever! Always so encouraging!but truth is im horizontally challenged - _ -
haha u are funny to think i had a funny side! Love ya babe!