Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life is just a chance to grow a soul

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

If there was one thing I love about driving, it would the "me" time I never fail to enjoy. My favorites are the night drives on the freeway. The river view is simply beautiful although at a certain point it smells awful. As I approach the city taking the exit onto Mounts Bay road, I love the view of the lights that light up the night sky- high rise buildings standing majestic with an extra glow of pretty bright lights.
The freeway was quiet- there was no traffic, no need to hurry. It felt as though I'm cruising - my car felt like the Flying Dutchman , floating downstream with the many passengers on board being my many thoughts. - so heavy but so tranquil. Tuned in to my favorite Sunshine FM but somehow, it feels more like noise rather than music. So I resorted to turning it off only to hear the symphony of silence - just right for tonight. No usual sing along.... or bobbing my head to the rhythm of catchy music but finely tuned to the beat of my heart.

The occasion couldn't be any better - very satisfied from Japanese dinner with Janice, cried buckets watching 'Marley and Me' and embarrassedly left the movies with puffy eyes and a stuffy nose (If I died, it would be the lack of oxygen but breathing through my big mouth saved me- seriously, I can't believe I cried over a dog) .

Perhaps it was an outlet for the pains of goodbyes- this is it- the 'farewell' week. First of the goodbyes -colleagues at work yesterday- check mark.

Amidst the whirlwind of emotions, my mind does what it does best - ponder and reflect, then came a thought. I was just thinking how life is metaphorically a drive on the freeway.

During office hours, it's usually busy and most people are hurrying to someplace it's a challenge to take your own sweet time when most people exhaust the speed limit of a 100km/h. Many are impatient overtaking at every opportunity. Strangely enough it can be quite competitive (trying to outdo the train *laughs*).

The pressure is on whether you like it or not and it somehow forces you to just go go go unless you are that sort of person who doesn't have a care about others as if you're the king of the road. On the fast lane, there is always that possibility we just might miss our exit off the freeway when our focus is not there.

Arthur Schopenhauer: Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

Now, it's the same stretch of road except in the cool of the nights - time seem to slow down giving us allowance to really breathe in the beauty of our surroundings adorn by natures course which does not captivate us as much during the day. Often life is about the perspectives we choose to regard. Putting it into context - a competitive environment forces us to keep moving forward albeit the stress but the laid back drives are equally as important. Then comes the peak hours and we often get caught in the jam. The crawling traffic creates in us a sense of restlessness and to some a test of patience.
Living in a microwave generation where everything is almost instantaneous - waiting becomes excruciating but God's economy involves a fair bit of waiting for I believe there is a right time to be in the right place for the right plan. The beautiful thing is the whole process which molds us and builds our character.

A son asked, "
Mom,how did I come to this world? Have you downloaded me?"

Anne Wilson Schaef: Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process.

Wednesday,7 January 2009

True to my instinctive knowing - I was awoken at 5am this morning by an incoming text message:

".....feel bad because I told you that I will buy the car but now I can't....".

Twenty five hundred anyone? with complimentary free windows and free wheels!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Everything in its time


I shall be ushering new years in my dreams but will be sure to wake up on New Year's Day on the right side of the bed energized for work :)

I have tasted that the Lord is good and faithful through 2008 :)

"Scars makes us stronger for life"

Quote from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button :

Benjamin Button: I was thinking how nothing last, and what a shame that is.
Daisy: Some things last.

I hope 2009 will hold many new experiences for you!

Much love

New Year's Resolution 2009

It's time for a fresh new start, a new beginning and hence the need for a list of resolutions.

more room for God

2.Spend time with parents at every given opportunity and take more pictures with them *dad looks as young as ever,cool and hip now - mum more beautiful and elegant*
3.Officially graduate in February – look good in regalia & graduation pictures = lose weight

4.Work with one of the Big Fours – work diligently and not look like “crap” after 3 years
5.Enrol for Professional Accountant Course – CA/ACCA/CPA

6.Buy my first new car – the Nissan and Corolla I had not counted (Parents still have to help with deposit while I pay installments leaving me to eat rice and ‘kicap’ everyday) *sigh*
7.Settle down in one place longer than 1.5 years – over the years, the longest I have been in one place is 1.5 years (time to stay long enough to build friendship and make longer commitments)

8.Join a gym with a pool + personal trainer + religiously work out- have always been a resolution but it is one I shall not give up on YET –lose weight fat , tone up and be healthy.
9.Love anything chocolate or sweet treats less- a whole lot lesser = pretty teeth10.Organise a trip to KK, Sabah and conquer Mount Kinabalu
11.Attend Chinese language classeslearn to speak first then will think of learning to write (hope it makes me less of a banana and allows me to take up work opportunities in China in future and go for mission trips)
12. Play the piano and violin again – need to get rid of the rust even if it means lessons again.
13. Save up for a trip to New Zealand to visit my sister and catch up with old friends (sheep).
14.Get fit enough to join a walkathon or marathon.
15.Visit old friends who I have not seen for years – make a trip to Penang and Miri16.Reunions – throughout the year
17.Age gracefully18.Be adventurous – try new things, explore and experience

19.Read more books

Miles and miles away

A dear friend of mine - Caroline recently reminded me how I'm "miles away from the brown prefect's uniform of St Teresa days". So true indeed -it suddenly just dawned on me that even college
and uni days are now of the past. What more the times when I was Primary 3. Am I old?

I was blessed to be off work today so I can get myself sorted and to have some lots of "me time" to ponder and reflect on the past year - "emoness" alert

Let's see- where shall i begin?

New Year’s Eve 2007 - seafood delight at my favourite Top Spot 'Bukit Mata' back in the comfort of Kuching with my parents.

Still without a camera - only my trustee webcam

Yummy salted prawns

Missing Midin - have eaten enough of broccoli, carrots, celery, lettuce and tomatoes

One year later (New Year's Eve 2008) - alone in the comfort of my Perth home, blogging (unbelievable) and no seafood.

Tonight some friends are going to have dinner before going to watch fireworks display in Burswood but I've decided to start the New Year with some sleep - well at least that's the plan.

Yesterday was intentionally good fun. It was a good change of atmosphere as opposed to serving grumpy depressed customers who did not seem to be happy that it’s almost New Year’s. WHY?! Anyway, I was out for Korean dinner with 7 other girls at To Be Gi before rushing off for a "late night" movie at 9.15pm.

We enjoyed watching Brad Pitt "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" which had a 2 hour 40 minutes running time which very unfortunately took longer due to a faulty projector but it was definitely worth every cent of the $10 I paid although I had to battle against feeling tired and sleepy from the day's work or rather the weather- it’s been warm if not hot of late and it makes me lethargic and gives me a very unnecessary headaches AND makes me want to eat ice cream.

The best part was being able to stretch myself out over 4 seats!

I have found a new interest in Corrinne May's inspirational songs - melodious and so pleasant. Here's one of her songs "Journey"

It's a long long journey
Till I know where I'm supposed to be
It's a long long journey
And I don't know if I can believe
When shadows fall and block my eyes
I am lost and know that I must hide
It's a long long journey
Till I find my way home to you

Many days I've spent
Drifting on through empty shores
Wondering what's my purpose
Wondering how to make me strong

I know I will falter
I know I will cry
I know you'll be standing by my side
It's a long long journey
And I need to be close to you

Sometimes it feels no one understands
I don't even know why
I do the things I do
When pride builds me up till I can't see my soul
Will you break down these walls and pull me through

Cause it's a long long journey
Till I feel that I am worth the price
You paid for me on Calvary
Beneath those stormy skies

When Satan mocks and friends turn to foes
It feels like everything is out to make me lose control
Cause it's a long long journey
Till I find my way home to you
To you

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Oh the thrill and excitement of being random ! Such an opportunity came knocking on the door of my quiet life the weekend before Christmas.

The condition for some fun and adventure was ideal. I had the weekend off from work and it was also the last days with my flatmate before she left Monday night.

Friday night - dinner at some place new to me and catching up with friends over bubble tea in Northbridge after weekly cell meetings. Not a norm as I usually leave as soon as cell finishes having to work on 6.30am shifts the next day.

I came home to an invitation from my flatmate to accompany her to Burswood Casino of which I accepted.I've never been to one so I was curious to go for a look see and it was so much fun just watching adults play big people's games. My favorite was the wheel of fruits.
It was so exciting partly because Perth is usually quiet after 6pm and there's really not much to do at midnight so really, being in Burswood that was alive and vibrant at an unearthly hour was quite an experience.
Saturday - slept in for a bit ( heavenly). I have been the driver most times this year except for rare occasions when I was absent minded- locked my car and house keys in the house just as I was leaving for an event sometime this year or the time I left my car keys in the car boot after putting my groceries in.

Otherwise, I'm usually in the driver's seat but that day, I was offered to be driven in my flatmate's cool new car

and we went to Karrinyup Shopping Mall enjoying the beautiful sceneries along West Coast highway.
which was another first for me that weekend and discovered Big W - departmental store that sells for less. We sinfully enjoyed a packet of X'mas Doritos Corn Chips.

We then headed to Beaufort Street in Northbridge and I had my first visit to the art Gallery of Western Australia
of which I thoroughly enjoyed the "Earth from Above" outdoor photography exhibition. I marveled at the beautiful pictures - truly amazing so to speak.A sample picture of a mangrove swamp in Voh amongst the gorgeous collection of photographs.
We also enjoyed a walk down the street where there were flower wholesalers selling various flowers - so fresh and pretty at affordable prices.
At night, after sitting down to a good home cooked meal, Alison and I went on an adventure! We went looking for two finalist homes in a competition that were competing for best decorated house to a jaw dropping extend all in the name of Christmas.

Alison was the navigator and I- the driver. We found the first house in Thornlie and was overjoyed. It was reported that this house attracts approximately 1000 visitors every night. I will let the pictures do all the talking.

singing bear and penguins...

We tried looking for the second home in Bibra Lake but unfortunately there were some complications and we got ourselves lost of which we only gave up looking for the particular home an hour later.

Sunday - dressed up for Christmas service at church.
My passengers that morning were not my usual in fact one of them was a new friend I made that day itself. Sylvia was my new China friend and I wouldn't have guessed she was married.

There was a mini petting zoo especially for the kids. I thought watching the adorable kids were so much more fun than observing the lazy animals.
I miss my kindergarten home full of kids and their noise. Although they do get on your nerves sometimes and drive you up the wall most times they really warm your heart in their cute little ways. It's also a joy to see them grow up so quickly but the flip side is being reminded about getting older.

All the girls from this family attended my mum's kindy one generation after another and now they're all so grown up *tear* Even my sister has grown into a fine young lady and my mum still looks as young as ever.
A friend was generously giving out his collection of soft toys that Sunday. Unfortunately I am not much a fan of soft toys so I had them given to Isabella who happened to adore them.Shopping with Isabel that afternoon - hunting for gifts but to no avail. Our trip to the market was more fulfilling before sending her home in Woodvale. All of which are not usuals.

Monday- sent Alison off at night.

One of our last pictures together.
We made two new friends at the airport while queuing to check in and actually sat down over a drink- so random but they were indeed interesting new friends.

Lots of first in one weekend but it sure was one to remember!