Thursday, November 6, 2008

Same old story

I wake up everyday this week to a new day and yet its the same old same old.

The alarm rings, I reach for my phone, stretch for my notes which I leave lying next to me from the night before, greet my darling Mathematical Economics a good morning and hold it close enough for a loving hug *yawns* While spending quality time with my darling, we agreed it would be nice to go for a honeymoon soon. Excited - I went browsing for cheap tickets! Unfortunately, our relationship will be ending shortly *tears of joy* so we decided it won't be a good idea after all. Instead I'm planning to make a visit home to see family and friends *double yay*

Highlight of the day was getting out of the house although it was to attend a revision class at uni BUT it also meant stopping by the shops on the way home. haha! Being absent -minded, I went to class with everything I needed except my pencil case! *slaps forehead* Now we wonder what was I preoccupied with. Hmm.The above? Nah *shakes head and squints nose* On a brighter note, at least I had cool notes written in blood since I didn't have a pen!On a less depressing note, I came home with some treats which made me realized how much I miss home :(

The oh so famous traditional Penang Tambun Biscuits - Tau Sah Pheah

Edamame (pronounced ed-ah-mah-may) are fresh green soya beans - a high style mini snack simple yet deliciously tasty.

Remind myself not to buy a duvet set for my bed. I found something more economical ....
I shall continue to rest my eyes upon the beautiful lines of Finance Portfolio Management - captivating! *smirks* Pimple cream dotted on face at the oddest places - no I am not stressed *pulls hair*Best wishes for Physics, sista! Lots of love!


[klair] said...

you're not alone my dear. Aaand i get an unbalanced social life everytime when i'm so caught up with assignments and projects...

gloworm said...

THANKS sweetie! Really appreciate you! ;)