Sunday, November 16, 2008

Walking with attitude

"Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart" ~E. Roosevelt~

No, this was not meant to be an emo post unfortunately. YAY! It's my favorite time of the year! 5.5 weeks on countdown to a merry merry Christmas. I love the joy of this season and not merely just December 25 itself but just about anything and EVERYTHING leading up to it-

Haha not babies if thats what you're thinking instead think Christmas tress and decorations, Christmas songs,gift shopping, sending out cards, Christmas meal plans and all the yummy goodies (Chocolates!!) I love it best when celebrated with loved ones. Oh the festive spirit and cheer! *jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way*

I have recently rewarded myself with a little gift for no apparent reason. It was more of the need for some motivation following a personal Christmas goal I have set for myself and yet to achieve. I'd like to refer to it as my new little toy- uber-cool, and rather sophisticated for someone like me who is technologically challenged!

It's a lightweight and compact motion sensor that detects vertical movements of the body which are expressed as steps taken during walking or running. It is activated when when the foot hits the ground producing an impulse that transfers to the case. It can be worn in a variety of places (pocket, bag, around the neck, clip it to a belt etc). It has been regarded as the tip of a health promotion iceberg here in Australia.

Ladies and gentlemen *drum roll* Presenting to you my Electronic Pedometer! TA-DA! *claps claps claps*It is disappointing when the count barely hits 10 000 steps after 9 hours of work on a day that started as early as 6.30am - sedentary lifestyle indeed. time to step up my game!

This is what pedometers used to be back in the days they were invented by some genius. An old mechanical pedometer
My lil' toy may look the least significant but it does wonders for something it's size. It counts the number of steps (regular steps) and aerobic steps (physical exercise that helps us to stay healthy- continuous walking with more than 60 steps per minute), duration of aerobic walk, calories and fat burnt, walking distance, 7-day memory and has a time display.

The goal for long term health and reduced chronic disease risk is 10 000 steps a day (8 km). For successful weight loss should be between 12 000 to 15 000 steps and to build aerobic fitness we should make at least 3000 aerobic steps per day.

I was blessed to purchase mine at half the price! Such value for money! Hopefully it will continue to serve its motivational purpose as a tool to help me increase the amount of incidental physical activity accumulated during the course of a normal day. It is meant for encouragement to compete with oneself in getting fit and losing weight.

Time to step out peeps! Cheers to a healthier lifestyle! Signing off with love.


uselessness said...

hello glo.

gloworm said...

hi stan. going to get yourself a pedometer? lol