Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not so silent after all.

I seem to be finding comfort in my silence. My mind is crowded. My thoughts are everywhere. The weight of it all is starting to bother me.

Yet, even as my flesh fails in its own strength I see a flicker of light. But even as it wavers, the challenge is to believe, holding on to the hope I have in Him and not to falter. Not now.

In the quiet, I find myself loud but unclear. It does not matter. It’s His still small voice I want to hear loud and clear and that is all that matters.

One day goes by, then another and another. If only life was a song we could play, pause, rewind and forward at our own discretion. But if that was so, life would be a complete mess simply because we are not God, we cannot be God and more importantly we need God.

Life is interesting, don’t you think? It’s a journey.

Roads are not as straightforward as we want them to be. We are bound to arrive at a crossroad from time to time, go uphills and down hills, through tunnels, quiet small roads and busy main roads. We take a few turns along the way, sometimes we lose our way, wander around for a bit to finally get back on the right track.

And sometimes we are forced in the direction we ought to have found for ourselves.

Sometimes, we reach a dead end but it does not deter us from reversing and trying another route. There are instances we have such a bad sense of direction we become unsure of the turnings we should make and can’t help but wonder if we’re going the right way.

There are times; we go places that are so unfamiliar, so foreign. While there is the fear of getting lost along the way, we tend to take it slower being afraid of missing the junction yet it is inevitable.Funny how sometimes we are too proud to stop and ask for directions. Wouldn't that save us a lot of unnecessary trouble? We always want the shortcuts but sometimes the shortcuts end up taking longer than expected.

No we are not always on the highway because some places have not. Yet there are those times we go through rough roads - roads with uneven surfaces and big holes. Occasionally there are the speed humps to slow us down.

When there is a downpour, we struggle to see our way with big mean raindrops covering the windshield impairing our vision of the road ahead. Even the wiper at its top speed can do so much when the weather is so bad. The road then is slippery and there is the possibility to skid in the curve when we go fast and lose our control.

What about those times the traffic light starts to turn yellow and instead of pressing on our brakes we hit on the accelerator or the times the light turns red and in our urgency we dash through. Most times we make it alright but when we aren’t so lucky, we collide.

Who says we never have a problem with green? We see green and take it for granted by cruising in our own sweet time until the light turns yellow only to realise certain urgency - we then try and make it across as quickly. Or times when the light turns green after a wait yet we fail to realise until we are awoken by loud honks.

Along the way, we are bound to have a flat tyre, over heated engines, oil dry, low battery and petrol tanks reaching ‘E’. Such distress but we become more careful and organised after. As the journey is long, no doubt we become fatigued as we go. Hence, it is important to know when we need to stop to rest and refresh or we would be in risk of accidents.

This is life. It is our attitude that makes the difference. Maintaining a proper frame of mind and positive energy is never easy. Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, life just seems intent on bringing us down. Inspiration, however, is rarely far away - if we are but willing to look for it.

It is His grace that carries me through it all.

Friday, November 21, 2008

In the sky

Argh, I feel as though I am 5 months 8 months pregnant *rubs tummy* I have not dined out in a very long now so tonight was rather an exception - celebrated Sam’s 21st. I'd like to think my fashion sense for cakes aren't as bad as my clothes. tsk.tsk.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect timing as it was indeed a reward to dress up to the occasion *grins* and to realize the utmost importance to stop being such a pig and a bum and start shaping up for you hear me Gloria?! Depressing. (Warning- Hazardous: Extreme vanity out of its closet).

told ya! ha ha and enjoy a fine meal *mmm* Food again yes. of which I started with this...

followed by this...( poor Rabbit)

oh then this! (Beef Dish)

and then this..(Bouillabaisse) A new word I learned today of which I had to be taught to pronounce it the right way by my French waiter after I told him, " Erm, can I please have the seafood one thanks. *smile (very important!) and pointed to Bouillabaisse on the menu *" But I think it was pretty obvious I am hopeless at such bombastic words! Rule of thumb: Pick the food with the most complicated name.

This is why we do Uni - to be able to read menus especially during the 10 minutes reading time before placing your order- stressful indeed

I think that's all I had- not! i forgot this! which reminds me of the need to master to art of prettifying food for obvious reasons - if you can't cook well like me, might as well learn to make the food look pretty. ha ha.

Enjoyed the company of dear friends

From left: Samantha, Sam's *ahem*, Paulina (Russian!) and yours truly

In the middle: Sam's sister ( Elizabeth)

The best part was being a surprise guest! I have not seen Samantha in ages even though we attended the same Uni and live in the same city except on opposite ends. It was lovely to see her again together with the company of others.

We were at one of Perth’s most spectacular restaurant – C restaurant in the sky being the only revolving restaurant in Western Australia which is located on the 33rd level of St Martin’s Tower right in the middle of the city center. Its location catered for an amazing view especially during sunset.

At night, the city lights looked stunning from up above.

I came to realization today that I lacked the art of photography and hence, failed to capture the breathtaking magical experience at the C tonight. I am utterly disappointed.

Rewinding back to the morning, I woke up to a call to come into work to relieve a colleague who was unwell, stayed a little longer to relieve another who had to rush off for personal matters and was released from work late because my supervisor had forgotten about me.

The irony was that my initial plan today was to have a relaxing day off from work, sit down to a good book, and go for a nice long walk by the river, take all the time in the world to look nice for dinner and make it to dinner on time but no- everything didn’t turn out as planned. No I am not complaining :P

Well, these things happen- the focus was not to disrupt the peace and learning to adapt accordingly. So by the grace of God I did not stir up a storm on myself today even though it didn’t go according to plan *makes funny faces*

Nevertheless, all has been well, thankfully *in a thankful posture - palm facing upwards head towards the heavens*LOL.Looking forward to a better tomorrow!

Blessed birthday Sam and my dear friend all the way in NZ- Roger! Goodnight!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Strangely Funny

For some funny reason I actually had to try so hard to sleep yesterday night and boy, it was frustrating! I must have either been too excited or too worried.

Funny how, even when you did not get enough sleep you can still feel like this in the morning.

Funny how post exams excitement have not kicked in but I'm sure it will sooner or later.

Funny how I was not feeling the like to do the victory jump and shouts of "hooray!" I know why. I always end up looking like this instead

Funny how at my age I still like to play with my food. Maybe *pause to think* my joy is expressed in a very different way such as this- weird. Unique.

Funny how sausages cost so much just because they are "Spanish" but they are filling indeed. Don't underestimate - I did.

Funny how I still attempt to bake when it does not turn out pretty. Every. Time. Needing to inherit my mum's special gift but far from it!

Funny how I always blog about food ( Mum pointed it out).

Funny how the least significant things motivate you.

Now it’s time to pray for a good job and thank God for His sustaining grace. Do you smile when you pray? *ahem*

Smile friends.

Funny how this is not funny. at.all.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sweet and sour

Aaaah. Tomorrow will be a significant day although every other day is a gift in one way or another. I will have a few thing less to anticipate from noon tomorrow until I decide to do uni again sometime in the near future such as:

  • driving to classes
  • finding for parking spots during peak hours
  • looking for the secondhand textbooks every new semester
  • buying bags big and strong enough to fit the books yet reasonably stylish
  • keeping a stock of stationeries
  • waking up early enough to pack lunch, dinner and snacks for a long day at uni
  • turning my car into a moving bookshelf and my own lil cafe
  • stressing over assignments and exams.

On the other hand, I will miss having the many breaks throughout the year especially the long summer break and reasonably long winter break. I will also miss the privilege of student concession for my travels and movie tickets.

If tomorrows paper goes well and I pray it would, I would then be able to sigh with relief. Also I could do the victory jump. Been practicing- jump then yay! or yay! then jump?! or should i yay twice then jump?

Moving on to happier things, my dear sister arrived home yesterday after her adventurous year far far away from home and its comfort. She braved it so well and have turned into a beautiful fine young lady ready to make her mark in this world. Amazing how we change little by little everyday, growing in grace as our life experiences mold us and shape us to be the person God has destined for us to be. She's back to enjoy all the good food and pampering from her loved ones as well as to polish up on her already existing gift of shopping.

I miss home too.

I on the other hand am still looking forward to the day I can board a plane and return home. In the mean time dinners will still either be on my own or with the company of my gracious flatmate on rare occasions as she is a hard worker so she is usually home from work after dinner.

I made dinner for two today. My stress reliever. The last supper before I have to say goodbye to Uni tomorrow.

Till next time :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Walking with attitude

"Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart" ~E. Roosevelt~

No, this was not meant to be an emo post unfortunately. YAY! It's my favorite time of the year! 5.5 weeks on countdown to a merry merry Christmas. I love the joy of this season and not merely just December 25 itself but just about anything and EVERYTHING leading up to it-

Haha not babies if thats what you're thinking instead think Christmas tress and decorations, Christmas songs,gift shopping, sending out cards, Christmas meal plans and all the yummy goodies (Chocolates!!) I love it best when celebrated with loved ones. Oh the festive spirit and cheer! *jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way*

I have recently rewarded myself with a little gift for no apparent reason. It was more of the need for some motivation following a personal Christmas goal I have set for myself and yet to achieve. I'd like to refer to it as my new little toy- uber-cool, and rather sophisticated for someone like me who is technologically challenged!

It's a lightweight and compact motion sensor that detects vertical movements of the body which are expressed as steps taken during walking or running. It is activated when when the foot hits the ground producing an impulse that transfers to the case. It can be worn in a variety of places (pocket, bag, around the neck, clip it to a belt etc). It has been regarded as the tip of a health promotion iceberg here in Australia.

Ladies and gentlemen *drum roll* Presenting to you my Electronic Pedometer! TA-DA! *claps claps claps*It is disappointing when the count barely hits 10 000 steps after 9 hours of work on a day that started as early as 6.30am - sedentary lifestyle indeed. time to step up my game!

This is what pedometers used to be back in the days they were invented by some genius. An old mechanical pedometer
My lil' toy may look the least significant but it does wonders for something it's size. It counts the number of steps (regular steps) and aerobic steps (physical exercise that helps us to stay healthy- continuous walking with more than 60 steps per minute), duration of aerobic walk, calories and fat burnt, walking distance, 7-day memory and has a time display.

The goal for long term health and reduced chronic disease risk is 10 000 steps a day (8 km). For successful weight loss should be between 12 000 to 15 000 steps and to build aerobic fitness we should make at least 3000 aerobic steps per day.

I was blessed to purchase mine at half the price! Such value for money! Hopefully it will continue to serve its motivational purpose as a tool to help me increase the amount of incidental physical activity accumulated during the course of a normal day. It is meant for encouragement to compete with oneself in getting fit and losing weight.

Time to step out peeps! Cheers to a healthier lifestyle! Signing off with love.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So close to feeling alive

Life can still be beautiful despite your circumstances if we take the time to enjoy the simple God given pleasures of life...

By the grace of God, I survived the unsurmountable odds of my first two papers. The load feels slightly lighter with two more to go. I'd like to think I did not end up as one this dead fishes *sigh of relief*
Instead I'd like to think this represents me better *ahem* HA-OOH?

I love going on my walks. This is probably one of the most beautiful neighborhoods I have ever lived in. I usually head down View Street which indeed is a magnificent view of mansions with different architecture and pretty gardens.

It's an inspirational walk - I hope to own one myself someday *smiles dreamily* I would love to show you pictures of the gorgeous houses but I was too shy to take pictures of them *hehe* Maybe next time when I master enough courage!

I always enjoy my river route when I make my way back. I even have a favorite spot which I would usually make a stop just to marvel at its beauty.

The very end of this pier is my ultimate favorite.

Walking my way home.... A bit of an ascend uphill.
The rewarding view at the top of the hill

Spot my boat :)
The other side of the river
I'm hanging on - nearly there! Again I was too shy to be spotted cam whoring but I managed a quick snap anyway!

Lots of love.