Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life is just a chance to grow a soul

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

If there was one thing I love about driving, it would the "me" time I never fail to enjoy. My favorites are the night drives on the freeway. The river view is simply beautiful although at a certain point it smells awful. As I approach the city taking the exit onto Mounts Bay road, I love the view of the lights that light up the night sky- high rise buildings standing majestic with an extra glow of pretty bright lights.
The freeway was quiet- there was no traffic, no need to hurry. It felt as though I'm cruising - my car felt like the Flying Dutchman , floating downstream with the many passengers on board being my many thoughts. - so heavy but so tranquil. Tuned in to my favorite Sunshine FM but somehow, it feels more like noise rather than music. So I resorted to turning it off only to hear the symphony of silence - just right for tonight. No usual sing along.... or bobbing my head to the rhythm of catchy music but finely tuned to the beat of my heart.

The occasion couldn't be any better - very satisfied from Japanese dinner with Janice, cried buckets watching 'Marley and Me' and embarrassedly left the movies with puffy eyes and a stuffy nose (If I died, it would be the lack of oxygen but breathing through my big mouth saved me- seriously, I can't believe I cried over a dog) .

Perhaps it was an outlet for the pains of goodbyes- this is it- the 'farewell' week. First of the goodbyes -colleagues at work yesterday- check mark.

Amidst the whirlwind of emotions, my mind does what it does best - ponder and reflect, then came a thought. I was just thinking how life is metaphorically a drive on the freeway.

During office hours, it's usually busy and most people are hurrying to someplace it's a challenge to take your own sweet time when most people exhaust the speed limit of a 100km/h. Many are impatient overtaking at every opportunity. Strangely enough it can be quite competitive (trying to outdo the train *laughs*).

The pressure is on whether you like it or not and it somehow forces you to just go go go unless you are that sort of person who doesn't have a care about others as if you're the king of the road. On the fast lane, there is always that possibility we just might miss our exit off the freeway when our focus is not there.

Arthur Schopenhauer: Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

Now, it's the same stretch of road except in the cool of the nights - time seem to slow down giving us allowance to really breathe in the beauty of our surroundings adorn by natures course which does not captivate us as much during the day. Often life is about the perspectives we choose to regard. Putting it into context - a competitive environment forces us to keep moving forward albeit the stress but the laid back drives are equally as important. Then comes the peak hours and we often get caught in the jam. The crawling traffic creates in us a sense of restlessness and to some a test of patience.
Living in a microwave generation where everything is almost instantaneous - waiting becomes excruciating but God's economy involves a fair bit of waiting for I believe there is a right time to be in the right place for the right plan. The beautiful thing is the whole process which molds us and builds our character.

A son asked, "
Mom,how did I come to this world? Have you downloaded me?"

Anne Wilson Schaef: Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process.

Wednesday,7 January 2009

True to my instinctive knowing - I was awoken at 5am this morning by an incoming text message:

".....feel bad because I told you that I will buy the car but now I can't....".

Twenty five hundred anyone? with complimentary free windows and free wheels!