Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Simple recollections of those days (Part 1)

Today I helped a friend print some pictures and it made me realized I haven't printed any pictures myself since the beginning of 2008. My family used to take lots of pictures and have them printed every so often which leaves us with an extensive collection of albums back at home. Since I was presented with my very own personal camera before leaving for Perth early this year, I have been snapping away but had not printed any of my collection of pictures partly because it is uploaded on Facebook or stored away in picture folders for viewing instead of keeping hard copies of it. But as I was looking through the pictures I printed for my friend, it hit me that I actually miss looking at printed pictures and being able to have them on walls or in a photo frame. Note to self : Get my favorite pictures printed soon.

Looking through my own collection of picture folders, picture after picture stirred a sentimental hunger in my heart accompanied by sweet memories of the past. Here are some to share:
When we were very much younger, living under the same roof and attending the same high school
3 years later - Our last moments together before we parted different ways. The best of times with my gorgeous little sister (Vic) who has grown into an incredible young lady ready to make her mark in this world. My heart aches being apart from her and missing her every single day!

Back in those days when we were in school as early as 6.30am and having to survive the hot and humid weather in our uniforms. 3 years after -Indah still as beautiful as ever, yummy sundaes and without our uniforms. Sushi cravings and great company - Daphne long time friend and an inspiring one indeed! Latest inspiration from her is to run! Chinese New Year 2008 were one of the happiest moments! Friends that brighten up my world!
Miri would have never been the same without these wonderful people! Kawan-kawan tersayang! Friends who makes the world a better place! Love them to bits and pieces! Tribute to Stan buddy and his hat! He had my back during our days at camp serving our National Service call. One of my favorite shirts! Way to go Liverpool on their latest victory and triumph! More to come! Stay tuned~