Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Credit Crunch Bites

How much do you think this would cost? I just finished an oak leaf lettuce yesterday which meant salads for lunch and dinner for an entire week which was already an accomplishment. I thought there was no way I would be able to finish a whole lettuce all by myself before it rots away in the fridge - but I did! Today, I saw this bunch of lettuce gourmet at the local IGA selling for $1.39! And it looked so pretty and so big which is certainly value for money! It's even bigger than the lettuce that lasted me a week! It is so big it could not possibly fit into the plastics they had so I carried it around as though it was a bouquet of flowers! IF I had to get married on a budget all in the name of love or if there would be another financial crisis then, I might consider one of this as my wedding bouquet! Ha Ha! Okay, maybe not green but the purplish ones might do the trick! I think I am starting to look like a lettuce myself having had so much of it and more to come.

I am nearly finished with uni *sigh* Today was my last day of classes! I can't believe it myself. Time flies doesn't it? All sorts of thoughts running through my head. There are many uncertainties but I shall continue to trust the Lord for the future that awaits me.


Kenin said...

go gloreeyahhh
blog more =D