Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little bundles of bursting brilliancy

Day light saving commenced at 2am today.

When peaches came along, blossoms and downy creature
s took heart, while pears gave shape to artist's dreams, plums plumbed new depths and one mango is never enough - such are these gorgeous fruits that make up a sweet combination that make you endeavor a busy market scene.

After contemplating whether to make a trip to the Subiaco fresh food market today just before i
t closes, I finally did all for my love of mangoes at the very last minute. By the time I got there, I found myself in a crowd of people, being pushed around and stretching my short arm as far as possible just so I can reach for the bananas that were selling for 99 cents per kilo and mangoes for $2 each. Bargains! Amidst the noisy crowd, I heard a lady shouting repeatedly "$1, $1! Very cheap, very cheap!" - a call I could not ignore. So I braved through the busy crowd just to see what I can get for $1- mind you, very cheap! I got a whole bag of cute little mandarin oranges for $1.

By the time I came out of the market alive thankfully, I was ready to head home with enough fruits to make a fruit basket and more! Strawberries were only $2.49 for a 500g punnet, there were nectarines and peaches too! Funny how some of the joys in life are made up of the least significant things! I remember Mum when I have my mangoes and I remember Dad when i have my bananas. I sure miss them!

While enjoying the drive home, I caught someone staring at me from the car next to me but being the careful driver I am *lol* I had my focus on the road but this someone was still staring and so when I finally had the chance to glance back, I was a little shocked at first but was humored at what I saw. It goes to show how attractive I am *laughs* A hot guy- not! In fact, even better ....

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