Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolution 2009

It's time for a fresh new start, a new beginning and hence the need for a list of resolutions.

more room for God

2.Spend time with parents at every given opportunity and take more pictures with them *dad looks as young as ever,cool and hip now - mum more beautiful and elegant*
3.Officially graduate in February – look good in regalia & graduation pictures = lose weight

4.Work with one of the Big Fours – work diligently and not look like “crap” after 3 years
5.Enrol for Professional Accountant Course – CA/ACCA/CPA

6.Buy my first new car – the Nissan and Corolla I had not counted (Parents still have to help with deposit while I pay installments leaving me to eat rice and ‘kicap’ everyday) *sigh*
7.Settle down in one place longer than 1.5 years – over the years, the longest I have been in one place is 1.5 years (time to stay long enough to build friendship and make longer commitments)

8.Join a gym with a pool + personal trainer + religiously work out- have always been a resolution but it is one I shall not give up on YET –lose weight fat , tone up and be healthy.
9.Love anything chocolate or sweet treats less- a whole lot lesser = pretty teeth10.Organise a trip to KK, Sabah and conquer Mount Kinabalu
11.Attend Chinese language classeslearn to speak first then will think of learning to write (hope it makes me less of a banana and allows me to take up work opportunities in China in future and go for mission trips)
12. Play the piano and violin again – need to get rid of the rust even if it means lessons again.
13. Save up for a trip to New Zealand to visit my sister and catch up with old friends (sheep).
14.Get fit enough to join a walkathon or marathon.
15.Visit old friends who I have not seen for years – make a trip to Penang and Miri16.Reunions – throughout the year
17.Age gracefully18.Be adventurous – try new things, explore and experience

19.Read more books


NoRa GoeS PiNK said...

u r not fat laa my dear..OMG graduating soonn??? many ppl graduatingggg...leaving me alone in the class-exam routine of life..haha..=P..

gloworm said...

noraaa! i didn't know you blog! i must link you! you are not alone laa my dear! doctors just have to take a while longer to be the heroes they are! accountants not heroes thats why! lol! i bertambah isi and berat over my one yr here la in perth but u so sweet. ada jugak comfort me. hugs

NoRa GoeS PiNK said...

haha...found ur blog fm edrea...ya i blog..long time oredi..move frm fs to blogspot ..hehe..the peak of my blogging craze is during exam..haha..biasalah kan..=P..

haha..y??perth got lots of nice food izit??hoho..darn it..dublin so bored..if i'm in manchester that i think i will b super fat i byk nice food there n super cheap..=P..

and ya..i have a suggestion to u on how not to be a banana haha..( a gud start.=P.)..go find 1/2 taiwanese drama ( cuz they speak mandarin )..and listen attentively to what they say..i guarantee after u finish them ppl won't dare talk abt u in mandarin in front of u ..haha..
wo zhi dao via via jiang shen me liao..muahaha...=P..
xiang nian ni, glo..=)..can't wait to see u again..=)..zaijian..=P...

p/s : hey accountant is important u noe..haha..can recruit u when i open my own discount ha glo??=P