Friday, December 26, 2008

Shhh its Christmas

Life is rolling on and rolling by. This season of mine is about to draw to a close and a new one shall unfold coincidently at New Year’s. My story here begun one fine summer day in February 2008 and which lasted as long as one chapter through the pages of autumn, winter and spring. Now that summer is here again, the curtains draw in closing and I curtsy. I remember adjusting to the new life here and sooner than I thought, it’s time to pack the tangibles into lug gages and the intangibles deposited into my memory bank. Two weeks on countdown – it’s a sea of emotions.

It’s funny how at times last year seems just like yesterday. Christmas 2007 was one rare Christmas in a long time spent with some of my most loved buddies and dearest sister over awesome food in the comfort of home. It was simply meaningful.

Quiet, sweet and joyfully simple was my Christmas 2008. I saw my flatmate off Monday night, come Wednesday, I worked during the day – boy it was busy but the best part was serving less grumpy customers

who were mostly walking smiley’s which was my reward for 5 hours of standing, serving a never ending line of big shoppers which meant no time to run off for toilet breaks nor a sip of water.

Somehow it didn’t really matter that day – the joy of Christmas Eve works its magic giving everyone that special boost of good energy. I came home to make egg tarts singing “Gloria” hoping it will make them taste special before heading off for some Christmas fun with the church.

Isabel spent the night at my place so I had company on the way home at midnight as opposed to my journey to the party, roads were utterly quiet and I was tuned in to some slow Christmas melodies.

We comfortably tucked ourselves into bed and sat back to watch ‘’Love Actually” with a packet of Doritos that night. It was a sweet movie but not one which made me cry buckets. Christmas morning - made lunch and headed to Woodvale to have our lunch with Isabel’s Dad.

Initially, my Christmas menu was suppose to cater for Turkey as main dish but my ignorance had left me to do without it when I wanted to put in the oven and realised I had to thaw it for 36 hours prior to roasting it. Sigh. My heart shattered but thankfully, all was well in the end.

The rest of the day was quieter being on my own. The highlight of the evening was ‘Skyping’ with my family back in Kuching and watching them open the presents I sent them over the Webcam except that I couldn’t give those hugs.

My big sister sent me some love this Christmas in a box. Thanks Che!

There were also all these little gifts that meant so much but more importantly the gift of Christmas is having my sweet Lord every step of the way – an indescribable gift- the reason of the season.

Hope your Christmas was filled with all the love, joy and peace of the season.

With love.


Indah Dayana said...

Merry Christmas, Gloria dearest! And...Heartiest Congrats upon your successful completion of your degree!! hiphip hooray! Way to go Gloria =D *hugs* It is great that your results are out so soon. Mine will only be revealed in mid Jan... Oh, don't forget to upload lots of your graduation pics yea! I wish could attend the historical ceremony to witness my best friend getting awarded for all her hardwork... 4 years yea Gloria, just passed. And 2009 is coming! Do you still remember our promise to meet in September 2009? I wonder whether Line still remember that she is suppose to peep through the window? haha :P

gloworm said...

Most dearest indah,

aww thanks hun! You're always so indah. I will remember you during my historical moment :) surely without a doubt. I hope to make it in time for yours next year!

I sure do remember sep 2009! LOL! Looking forward to it! Time does fly but you know what- you grow more indah by the years! Nothing to worry about aging!

I will be home soon! Hope to catch up with you then although you will be in the working women class! ;)

tell me all about it!

Lots of love always!